Future Leader Spotlight: Danielle Chatman-Moore

What's your origin story?

I grew up on the northside of Houston. I’m from a close-knit family of five where leadership, financial prowess, and purpose was instilled very early in myself and my siblings. I remember lessons from my father and mother on balancing a checkbook, tracking penny stocks, and listening to the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki. We had family meetings in which we had to be prepared to speak up and voice our opinions and plans. My parents spent a lot of time sending us to camps and events where we questioned our life’s purpose and had to stick with it. I was also raised in a very spiritual home and am instilled with the necessity of being compassionate, humble, reflective at all times.

Education prior to Eli Broad?

Houston Baptist University helped me earn an irreplaceable undergraduate experience. I started as an accounting major but transitioned to major in International Business with a minor in Economics. In August 2019, I began the full time MBA program at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad School of Business.

What's your work history?

At 20 years of age, post-graduation, I moved to Indianapolis, IN – where I’ve lived the past 6 years - to work for Angie’s List from 2013 to 2015. The culture there was phenomenal, but I decided on a career change and began working as an associate financial analyst from 2015 to 2017 before finding my passion job in consulting. For the past two and a half years I’ve been working as an implementation consultant for Deltek, the leading global provider of enterprise resource planning software and information solutions for project-based businesses.

The specific reason you went to get your MBA... what was your goal?

Since high school, I knew I wanted to pursue an MBA – for me it has all been about timing. The past 5+ years of work experience have taught me so much about what’s important to me and my career goals. I’ve learned tremendously from previous employers and the leaders I have met along the way were instrumental to my growth. In my current role I felt ready to add a greater level of value and I craved opportunity to have access to create change on a larger more impactful scale. MSU was recommended to me by husband. I’d been considering other schools and he knew I had interest in supply chain. I attended two events before committing and MSU sold itself. The connectedness I felt from 2nd year MBAs and even the admissions staff was genuine. I’d found something rare.

What sort of internship will you be looking for during this recruiting season?

I am pursuing a Supply Chain internship with a strong focus in sustainability. I am targeting companies that have a strong sustainability plan that have made strategic plans to uplift their business practices

What does an ideal internship look like for you?

An ideal internship is challenging in the best ways. It gives me all the necessary resources (mentors, equipment, work conditions, living conditions) to be entirely innovative and to bring my most engaged self. It will expect me to solve real problems and allow me the permission to fail in pilot programs, but harbor an environment where {we learn from those failures and drive long term success}.

What elements are the most important? Is it industry, professional development opportunity, working on one high-visibility project, etc.

The elements that matter most to me are the professional development opportunities. I think about it like this, change is an inevitable fact of life. Even the cells that make up your skin are replaced every two to three weeks. I want to constantly grow in different areas of my professional life which should include working on teams, working independently, working on a high-visibility project, and more.

What will be your goals as a result of the internship?

My goals are to prove the teachings of my MBA professors to be true. The MBA program is designed to prepare me for this work. I want to prove or challenge my teachings so that I know how to adjust my experiences in perspective of my academia.

What will be your strategy towards achieving those goals once you begin?

From day one that looks like bringing my whole self to work – tapping into all of my prior work experience and current MBA lessons to think critically about tasks I have been assigned.

What would a company need to offer in terms of the internship experience you would have there in order for you to consider their program?

I want to know that former interns have evolved in their professional careers for having accepted a full time offer there. I would want to be sure that I am working on teams, working independently, and working on a high-visibility project that will provide me with real feedback.

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