Future Leader Spotlight: An Internship Focused Interview with Avi Mehta.

Origin Story

Coming from a nuclear family where my father was the breadwinner; a sense of frugality was always instilled in me. Handling any business requires forethought, and also one has to walk a fine line between taking risks and being prudent, and as I watched my father manage his family’s economy on a day-to-day basis, and the nuances involved in running his business, I developed an interest in how money works. I always enjoyed reading articles related to the world’s economy, the factors that affected it, and what the rise and fall of simple numbers would have as consequences for an ordinary human being.


When the time came to choose my path I chose one which was highly competitive and risky, Chartered Accountancy as a professional degree is one which is considered to be extremely challenging yet very rewarding. More than regulatory requirements what interested me was finance and the course offered enough of that to keep me hooked. My undergraduate years were extremely challenging for they rested on a three legged stool, college in the mornings, working as a trainee for the rest of the day and studying for University as well as CA exams whenever I could find time. To get a better grasp on finance and financial analysis, I decided to undertake study towards becoming a CFA and cleared all levels of CFA.

Work History

  • Privately-held investment firm planning to acquire and operate a business with strong fundamental value.

  • Supporting Managing Principal in evaluating deals and identifying companies that match fund’s value principles and objectives.

  • Evaluating private companies that range from $5mn-$50mn in annual EBITDA and arriving at valuation using LBO.

  • Working as a Risk Consultant in Ernst & Young, I believe my strengths lie in analyzing Business models, assessing the risks associated & developing effective solutions & controls to deviate or minimize the risks.

  • Conceptualized “EY Physical Verification Governance” an interactive asset management solution application, used by minimum 1000 field technicians across 3 continents, resulting in increased revenue worth $50k.

  • Led a cross-cultural 12 member team for governing Physical Verification of Telco. infrastructure on 8k+ sites 
across Bangladesh using mobile app, resulting in increase in annual revenue of $300k+ million.

  • Mentored 5 junior analysts in ‘Payables’ Audit of Telco. and highlighted an understatement of creditors of $1mn.

  • Managed more than 10 global stakeholders to streamline processes and data-flow for IPO of a leading Telco. client 
- Vodafone India.

Planned and executed roll-out of 4G technology for Vodafone in North India & created centralized warehousing model, leading to 30% reduction in fixed costs.

Awarded with ‘Spotlight - Ace Collaborator Award in EY Advisory’ as recognition for collaborating with teams towards achieving goals. Recipient of ‘EY Kudos’ twice for positive feedback from client.

  • Conducted forensic audits of a distressed cement manufacturer (listed on London Stock Exchange) & a public real estate developer, discovered and communicated irregularities worth $2.5mn to consortium of banks.

  • Interacted with more than 50 top & middle level client executives to design approval matrix and solve conflicts of interest.

  • Performed internal audits of manufacturing companies and suggested process improvements to increase business efficiency. 

The reason you went to get your Masters in Finance... What was your goal?

I believe MS from Simon is ideal for enhancing my analytical skills & financial acumen. It will equip me further to think critically & strategically and enable me to hone my technical skills and make responsible decisions. The classes combine theoretical knowledge in Finance with practical insights delivered through case studies.

What sort of internship are you looking for?

I am interested in doing a summer internship in Asset Management, where I can manage funds for individuals and companies and make investment decisions.

What does an ideal internship look like for you?

An internship that provides the knowledge and skills required to become a successful asset manager would be an ideal choice. I’m looking for a mentor who can act as a positive role model and is willing to share skills, knowledge and expertise. Guidance and constructive feedback are key to achieve success in the industry.

What elements are the most important? Is it industry, professional development opportunity, working on one high-visibility project, etc?

In the early stages of my career hold, I believe that professional development through education, training, real-world experience is very important. I am focusing on internships that focus on all-rounded development.

What do you hope to learn during your time in that position?

I want to hone my technical and communication skills. I believe that these skills are essential for a successful career in any industry, especially the asset management industry.

What will be your goals as a result of the internship?

As part of the internship, I would like to gain more professional connections, develop skills to add to my resume and gain more confidence in a professional setting.

What will be your strategy towards achieving those goals once you begin?

I will try to gain an insight on company culture, work on improving relevant technical skills, participate in company events, seminars to keep myself updated with industry reforms and support my seniors and peers in day-to-day operations, in a way learning about the company’s working style.

What would a company need to offer you in terms of the experience you'll have there in order to attract you to their internship program?

An overall all-rounded development program, with specific goals and a clear structure. A company that tries to reach full potential of its interns by hiring good talent and grants them with opportunities to work on real assignments that benefit the organization.

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