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Our goal is to help Industry realize the strategic importance of well structured Intern Programming.  Please take a look at the video testimonials from the talent below.  Through our approach to accelerating student development, you'll witness massive growth from week 1 to week 5 and beyond.  By making Intern Masters your strategic partner, we can provide you with long-term solutions and software to take your intern program to the next level.




2019 MBA Graduate, Robert H. Smith School of Business.  Sr. Management Consultant - Strategy, Booz Allen Hamilton

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Derek Valet


2019 MBA Graduate, BYU Marriott School of Business.  Sourcing Manager, Engineering and Site Services - Bayer

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Elise Hardle


2019 MS Integrated Marketing, NYU.  Associate Manager, Procurement Rapid Deployment Team - Bayer

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Fabiola Roa


2019 MBA, Georgia Tech, Scheller School of Business.  Senior Consultant at Deloitte.

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Michelle Frenssen


2018 MBA, Eli Broad School of Business.  Category Manager and Procurement Business Partner - Bayer

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Nitin Balakrishnan

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