Why Your Organization is Struggling

to convert transformational talent.

The Intern Masters Promise

to our clients

We guarantee top talent for your program

Accelerated Leadership Development for every intern within the program.

A customized client and intern experience unlike any other. This program is the GOAT.

lack of preparation

cultural fit

past history

the "disconnect"

55% of MBA candidates polled reported less-than-welcoming environments where employees were not open or receptive to the intern community.

65% of MBA candidates stated that a company history of not converting interns or subjective, non-transparent hiring practices is a red-flag.

69% of MBA candidates stated there was a severe "disconnect" between the recruiter, the job description, and the work assigned by the hiring manager.

75% of MBA candidates stated that failure to provide meaningful projects and experiences led to their decision not to pursue full-time employment with their intern sponsor.

Promotion of your newly enhanced program across our social media network.

Including promotion to 10,000+ MBA candidates currently within our network.

Winning the War for Talent

& What it looks like

There are only a dozen companies in the world who can recruit off their reputation alone.  The rest of us have to work for it.  If you want future leaders, you're going to have to make a significant effort.

Tech Enabled Program

Leverage modern technology to deliver a World-Class experience and paramount structure.



Develop a systematic approach to feedback collection in order to develop talent and build insights to take your program to the next level.



Create real impact by assigning interns to real projects that matter.  Connect them with experienced coaches and mentors that will show them the ropes and inspire them to join your organization.

personalized programming

Offer students a stake in building out their internship experience.  This "choose your own adventure" approach provides attractive programmatic flexibility.

employer Brand identity

Leverage your structured intern program and corporate branding to convey purpose, excitement, and growth opportunities.

An Intern Masters certification showing the MBA community that you're ready to set the standard for intern program excellence within your industry.

The best internship experience in industry.  One that your interns will share with classmates and constantly churn interest in your organization as an employer of choice.

Conversion of top performing interns and retention of future leaders.

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