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Are you an MBA candidate who recently ended a summer internship or who is currently going through the recruiting process?  We want to hear from you!  Contact us by clicking on the button below and learn more about how you can become an Intern Masters Guest Blogger.

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The Topic of Internships

Digging Deeper

  • Educational background

  • Work History

  • The reason you went back for your MBA

  • Career Goals

  • Why you chose the intern position that you did.

  • What you hope to learn.

  • Your strategic goals.

  • Your strategy towards achieving them.

  • What does an ideal internship look like for you?

  • What elements are the most important?

  • What would a company need to offer to attract you?

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2021 MBA Candidate and Forté Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis - Olin Business School

LinkedIn Profile

Itohan Enadeghe


Michigan State University J.D. - MBA '20 | Incoming GCCX MBA Marketing Intern @ General Motors

LinkedIn Profile

Clayton Gelfand


MBA candidate 2020 (STEM) - Strategy and Marketing

LinkedIn Profile

Guzeliya Sayfullina


Penn State Smeal, 2020 MBA Candidate

LinkedIn Profile

Vishal Jagrup


UMASS Boston, 2021 MBA Candidate

LinkedIn Profile

Arsalan Siddique


Simon Business School

Private Equity Intern | ex-EY | CA | Passed all levels of CFA

LinkedIn Profile

Avi Mehta


MBA Candidate 2020, Penn State Smeal. Novartis Procurement MBA Intern, Experience in Supply Chain.  Attorney.

LinkedIn Profile

Aishwarya Singh

Nate 1.jpg

MBA Candidate 2021, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, 4 years of previous work experience at Carlisle Interconnect Technologies.

LinkedIn Profile

Nathan Macon


Consumer MBA Summer Associate at Bank of America | Solution Architect | Forte Fellow

MBA Candidate 2020, W.P. Carey

LinkedIn Profile

Jean Vera

Erin Grady.jpg

MBA Candidate 2021, W.P. Carey | Forte Fellow | Approx 4 years experience at Dysart Unified School District.

LinkedIn Profile

Erin Grady


MBA Candidate 2021, Eli Broad School of Business | Consultant | Forte Fellow | Approx. 10 years experience

LinkedIn Profile

Danielle Chatman-Moore


2019 MBA, W.P. Carey.  Current International Procurement Management Trainee at Bayer

LinkedIn Profile

Patrick Seip


MBA/MIS candidate 2021 | Seeking Summer 2020 Internship | Experienced Automotive Professional | Data Enthusiast

LinkedIn Profile

Rahul Mitra


2020 MBA Candidate, W.P. Carey, Jack of all trades, master of leadership, project management, team building (and fun)

LinkedIn Profile

Eshani Sharma

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