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at the primary entry point.

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Intern Masters is focused on ensuring companies can maintain the health and well-being of their employees, families, and interns by providing the world's first Remote Intern Program Management solution.  

Building an agile and innovative internship program is the smartest investment you'll make

The world has changed, and so have the ways companies can attract their next generation of leaders. Our intern program management software helps you adapt, evolve, and compete with the modern-day talent attraction titans.  Spend less time worrying about finding tasks for your interns to work on and more time focused on strategy.  Provide them a role in developing their internship experience.  Eliminate subjective hiring practices and use data for smarter hiring decisions.  Create a program that you, your interns, and your future will love.

Creating a world-class program, no matter your size or employer brand identity, is 100% possible.

Businesses today are more complex than ever.  With so much focus on the bottom line and long-term business growth, the seeds of a fruitful future are often neglected.  CEOs and CHROs all have "talent" as a part of their long-term strategy, but often times that strategy fails to address the quality of the experience candidates are receiving at the primary entry point: Internships. 


15.7 Million interns are hired in the US each year.  How do you make sure you're getting the top talent available?  With Intern Masters software solutions, consulting services, and certification.